Celebrating 5 Years! Take Four!

To continue our series celebrating five years since SAALT’s first staffed officed, today we feature Madhur Bansal, SAALT’s Americorps VISTA Development Assitant from 2006 to 2007:

“To me, SAALT represents a collective and progressive voice for South Asians in the US. SAALT offers community members a way to engage directly in civic life and public policy issues. In the next five years, I hope that SAALT continues building support across the country and that it can be the primary national advocate for the South Asian community in public affairs, particularly in the upcoming debate over immigration reform. I also hope that SAALT can expand by reaching even more community members and getting them involved in its work.”

..and from Imrana Khera, former SAALT staff member:

“I can’t believe it’s been five years already–Congratulations!  SAALT represents the very diverse South Asian community living in the United States, a challenging job for any organization.  SAALT pushes our community forward by advocating for change within a social justice framework.  SAALT’s strength is its respectful and effective collaboration with organizations that are working with South Asian community at a local level across the country.

My expectation is that SAALT will continue to grow over the next five years and continue to affect change on behalf of our community – through education, policy, and research – like the award-winning Raising Our Voices DVD, through SAALT townhalls/community forums, and reports like Washington DeSi: South Asians in the Nation’s Capital (July 2009).”