May Day! Support Immigrant Rights at a Rally Near You!

Today, May 1st, also known as May Day, is a celebration of the struggles of workers around the world. May Day is celebrated all around the world, and today, across the United States, folks are encouraged to take to the streets in rallies that acknowledge the struggles of immigrant workers.  The rallies will also sound a cry for the importance of immigration reform – a series of legislative and administrative changes that can fix the broken immigration system.  For workers of all immigration statuses, the need for immigration reform is critical.  H-1B workers have no job portability and often wait years in order to receive green cards.  Guestworkers who are here on temporary, H-2B visas have very little worker protections and find themselves in vulnerable situations that can be exploited by unscrupulous employers.  Watch this video clip from the American News Project to learn more about the Indian guestworkers in the Gulf Coast who spent two years highlighting the exploitation they endured.

Then, head out to one of the immigration rallies this afternoon in your city –visit for information on May Day marches and rallies.