SAALT Circles

What is a SAALT Circle?

  • A community-driven space for individuals to come together for 90 minutes each quarter and explore issues affecting South Asians in the US.
  • A place to to share personal experiences.
  • A way to connect with other community members to strategize ways to address issues.
  • An opportunity to create change in your community!

    saalt circle 1

Want to be a SAALT Circle Coordinator?

What does a Coordinator do?

  • Volunteer to bring a quarterly SAALT Circle to your community.
  • Partner with SAALT to select SAALT Circle topics.
  • Secure a place to host a SAALT Circle that is accessible to all participants and can be used consistently.
  • Plan an agenda for each SAALT Circle, which may include speakers who are well-versed in the discussion topic; exercise and activities; approachable calls to action; and other engaging pieces.
  • Conduct outreach among community members in your area.

How much time does it take?

  • SAALT Circles require an average of 5-10 volunteer hours over a 2 month period.
  • We encourage 1-2 volunteers to serve as ongoing local SAALT Circle Coordinators.

Learn more about what it takes to coordinate a SAALT Circle in the SAALT Circle Tool Kit.

For questions please contact our Programs Associate, Vidushani Jayalal, at