Call for Proposals: 2019 National South Asian Summit

SAALT’s National Summit brings together over 350 advocates, organizers, artists, and thought leaders. We encourage proposals in all formats and subject areas. All sessions will be 75 minutes in length. The deadline to submit proposals is January 30, 2018.

Proposals can be submitted online, using this form.

The 2019 National South Asian Summit will host 8 tracks:

Gender Justice

Gender justice demands all people have the freedom to express their gender in all forms. It also recognizes the different forms of gender discrimination exist, including denying people access to healthcare and employment as well as policing of gender expression and identities. Subject matter can include, but is not limited to: intersex and trans rights, reproductive justice, supporting survivors of gendered violence, gendered islamophobia, and detoxifying masculinity.

Liberatory Love

This track will hold space for knowledge seekers and practitioners of liberatory love. Proposals can include, but are not limited to: sexual orientation, body positivity, misogynoir, colorism, and self love.

Digital Organizing & Security

In a climate of heightened surveillance, data breaches, and restricted access to open sourced internet, we encourage proposals that equip our communities with the tools to protect ourselves. Proposals can also be related to organizing campaigns and movements digitally.

Capacity Building & Accessibility

Proposals for the Capacity Building & Accessibility track will strengthen organizations and individuals understanding as well as skills to create sustainable and accessible spaces. Content can include, but is not limited to: fundraising, finances, organizational management, leadership development, disability rights, caste abolition, and language justice.


Proposals for the Sustainability track will encompass methods that preserve our bodies, minds, and movement spaces. Subject matter can include, but is not limited to healing justice, transformative justice, liberatory relationship building, and conflict mediation.

Art & Culture

Uniquely engaging our senses and conscious, art and culture hold power in movement spaces. We invite proposals of films, workshops, panels practice spaces, and performance spaces. Subject matter can include, but is not limited to: art activism, cultural workers, museum activism, archivists, and media.

Transforming our Future

We encourage submissions to this track that speak directly to our theme, South Asians Unbound: Transforming our Future. Proposals will offer concrete skills and resources to mobilizing communities across ethnicity, race, caste, and regions – within the U.S. and/or internationally. Proposals can also address the multitude of borders and boundaries that have been crafted within our communities internally and externally, and offer the skills to abolish them.

General Track

We welcome all workshop proposals, in all subject areas and formats. If you find yours doesn’t fit into any of the tracks described, submit it in our General Track. Proposals can look like a meetup, tour, instructional workshop, panel discussion, strategy session, cultural performance, de-conference space and more!