Reflections on Oak Creek: A word from Deepa Iyer, SAALT Executive Director

Picture3All week, we have been featuring pieces from artists and advocates around the country, sharing reflections and making calls to action. We wanted to show the community of Oak Creek that people from all walks of life and around the country are standing with them on the one-year anniversary. Though, we conclude our weeklong blog series Reflections on Oak Creek we all know the conversation will continue on.

I was humbled to be in Oak Creek this past weekend with SAALT representatives. I wanted to share with you a piece that reflects that experience. You can find it at Colorlines.

Perhaps one of the lasting legacies of this tragedy is that it will spark a whole new generation of activists and organizers, truth tellers and disrupters. Let us support them by making a physical pilgrimage to the Oak Creek gurdwara each August 5 to understand, grieve and remember. And every other day, let us reaffirm our collective pledge to not let another Oak Creek happen, in the spirit of chardi kala.

In solidarity,
DEEPA black



Deepa Iyer
Executive Director