Celebrating 5 Years! Take five!

Another set of reflections about the 5 year anniversary of SAALT opening its first staffer office. Now we’re hearing from Imrana Khera, SAALT’s Program Manager from 2004-2005.

“SAALT represents the very diverse South Asian community living in the United States, a challenging job for any organization.  SAALT pushes our community forward by advocating for change within a social justice framework.  SAALT’s strength is its respectful and effective collaboration with organizations that are working with South Asian community at a local level across the country.

My expectation is that SAALT will continue to grow over the next five years and continue to effect change on behalf of our community – through education, policy, and research — like the award-winning Raising Our Voices DVD,  through SAALT townhalls/community forums, and reports like Washington DeSi: South Asians in the Nation’s Capital (July 2009) .”