Temporary Halt to Implementation of Expanded DACA & DAPA

For immediate release | February 17, 2015

SAALT stands firmly against the misguided U.S. District Court Judge’s ruling to award a temporary injunction on the expanded DACA and DAPA programs. We continue to stand with immigrants who deserve the right to stop living in second-class status, attend college, work above the table for fair wages, and be reunited with their families. Even though there have been previous attempts to derail the President’s critical executive actions on immigration, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill with amendments that attempt to defund the programs, it is more important now than ever that the programs are implemented. While attempts to stop implementation of the President’s executive actions are largely symbolic and hold no merit—and we are confident the Department of Justice will successfully appeal the injunction in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals—implementation of the expanded DACA and DAPA programs will now be delayed. Millions stand to benefit from expanded DACA and DAPA, including approximately 40 percent of the over 500,000 undocumented South Asians. President Obama is fully within his legal authority to implement his executive actions on immigration, and it is essential that these programs be permitted to proceed, especially due to Congress’ failure to act on immigration.