2020 Census Campaign

The Constitution mandates a counting of all persons in the U.S every 10 years. This count is regardless of legality of stay.

Census Day is April 1st, which is when you should have received an official invitation to participate in Census 2020. We know it’s been a tough road with the embattled citizenship question, which ultimately will not be included in the Census form. But there are still no paid ad campaigns in any South Asian languages at this time; the Census will be primarily completed through an online form for the first time; and there have been many updates to the race and ethnicity categories, which will impact our communities.

With approximately 5.4 million South Asians currently living in the United States, an increase from the 3.5 million counted in the 2010 Census, it is imperative to make sure the United States South Asian population is accurately represented in the 2020 Census.  An accurate count will also determine how more than 675 billion dollars in federal aid will be distributed to schools, roads, hospitals, and other critical programs.

Interested in hosting a regional 2020 Census Workshop in your city? Get more information following this link.


Census 2020 webinar with a US Census Bureau Representative and SAALT’s ED Lakshmi Sridaran | Feb 12th, 2020. Watch it here. Slides here: Census 2020 webinar_2.12.20

(Past) 2020 Census Engagement Campaign | July 15th – Roksana Mun, Director of Strategy and Training at D.R.U.M., and Mahnoor Hussain, Policy Associate at SAALT, lead NCSO members in an overview of the Census, what to expect in the 2020 Census, and a toolkit to provide understanding of and guidance how to complete the 2020 Census. The webinar can be viewed using this link.


Webinar: An APIA Advocates Guide to the 2020 Census (July 2019) – Developed by SAALT, AAAJ, and APIA Vote. Slides available here.

2020 Census PSA Videos Translated into Nepali and Tibetan – Developed by Adhikaar

Interview on TV channel Jus Punjabi with SAALT’s ED Lakshmi Sridaran on the importance of the 2020 Census

2020 Census Engagement WorkshopDeveloped by D.R.U.M.

2020 Census Workshop Activity MaterialsDeveloped by D.R.U.M.

2020 Census Comment Template

Impact of 2020 Census – Breakdown by State & ProgramDeveloped by George Washington Institute of Policy