Barrage of White Supremacist Policies Continues with Latest Muslim Ban, states SAALT


Suman Raghunathan, Executive Director of South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT), issued the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s announcement of a renewed and more extensive “Muslim Ban” on the day of the expiration of the widely criticized executive order:

“No one inside or outside of the United States should be targeted based upon their skin color, their faith, or their national origin. Yesterday’s decision by the Trump administration to renew and expand on the ‘Muslim Ban’ will indefinitely legalize and expand government sanctioned discrimination against millions. This unconscionable order now targets eight countries, including some without Muslim majority populations; however this does not change the racial animus and discriminatory intent of the original Muslim ban; it simply widens the net of exclusion, a hallmark signature of this administration.”

“Candidate Trump called for a ‘Muslim Ban’ and President Trump has wasted little time in his tenure to transform that ugly rhetoric into toxic policies that betray our core American values of equality and justice, while contributing nothing to national security. This administration continues its legal gymnastics every time the ‘Muslim Ban’ is set to be heard before a court—proof positive of the fundamentally unconstitutional nature of the policy itself. The President’s rejection of the Department of Homeland Security’s report concluding that the ‘Muslim Ban’ has no security value whatsoever reveals that our country’s safety is not a priority for the President. The administration’s reckless and dangerous policies are covered with the fingerprints of white supremacy and xenophobia and nothing more.”

“The President’s policies have had deadly consequences. SAALT has documented over 160 incidents of hate violence aimed at South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Arab, and Middle Eastern Americans since the 2016 elections. Dangerous white supremacists and hate groups—encouraged and emboldened by the White House—have targeted our communities at historic rates that rival the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.”

“The latest ban, along with the administration’s numerous anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim policies such as the recent decision to terminate DACA, are designed to systematically reject Americans of particular faith, national origin, and immigration status. We will continue to stand up for everyone who is unfairly targeted by this administration’s divisive policies, and we will continue to reject any and all attempts to divide our country and criminalize our communities.”

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