Deepa Iyer, Executive Director on Apr 28 Applied Research Conference Call “Race in Review: The First 100 Days”

Check out Deepa Iyer, SAALT’s Executive Director on Tuesday’s ARC call “Race in Review: The First 100 Days”. The call is at 4pm EST/3pm CST/1 pm PST. Learn more (and RSVP!) here <>

DC Muslim Film Festival – “Art Under Fire”

On Wednesday, I had the chance to check out Sounds of Silence, one of the films being shown as part of the DC Muslim Film Festival that is SAALT is co-sponsoring. The film festival is being coordinated by the American Islamic Congress and Project Nur to showcase different aspects of the Muslim world through film. Sounds of Silence is an exceptional and eye-opening film that profiles artists in Iran who are fighting to find a way to express themselves through music under the guidelines of the Ministry Of Islamic Guidance or Ershad. The film highlights the underground music scene in Tehran and plays out an in depth interview with the journalist who is heavily involved in this movement. For me, the film allowed me to realize the intense need for a creative outlet during difficult times and the importance of music as it fills this role. I encourage you to check out this film and the artists featured in it.

The DC Muslim Film Festival will be airing The Warrior next week:

Thursday, March 12th at 8:30pm in Grand Ballroom at George Washington University

**Special Performances by: Capoeira Malês DC (Doing Capoeira–a Brazilian Martial Art) & MOKSHA (Presenting a Classical Indian Bharatanatyam Dance) AND Free Henna Painting**

For SAALT-ines in the Washington, DC Area

Home to the fifth largest South Asian population in the country according to the 2000 Census, the Washington, DC area is a hotbed of desi culture. We’ve got gurudwaras, mosques, temples and desi groceries galore. SAALT is collaborating with the Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center (APALRC) to learn more about South Asians who live and work in the District through the South Asian Community Empowerment Project and we are looking for volunteers!

So what do volunteers do, you ask?

It’s simple, volunteers conduct street-side surveys of South Asians in Washington, DC. You’ll be collecting information that simply isn’t out there right now about the community here in DC and learning about your fellow District natives. All volunteers will be trained in surveying and community work. Want to volunteer? email Maha Khan at and we hope to see you out there!

Also, we’re going to be writing more about this as it gets closer but the National South Asian Summit is happening, right here in DC, from April 24-26. This is an exciting opportunity for students, professionals, activists (really, everyone!) to make connections and strategize around empowering the South Asian community. More details to come, but we’re looking at a lot of exciting speakers and guests, so register today!