Daily Buzz 3.9.2009

1) Pelosi asks to “end raids split­ting immi­grant fam­i­lies

2) “Amer­i­ca’s loss will be the world’s gain” — the immi­grant “brain drain”

3) Indi­an Amer­i­can, Vivek Kun­dra, is US “Tech­nol­o­gy Czar”

4) Dart­mouth Col­lege becomes first Ivy League school to appoint an Asian-Amer­i­can dean — but not with­out an offen­sive email sent around by a student

5) Gand­hi auc­tion items sold for $1.8 mil­lion to Indi­an liquor and air­line tycoon Vijay Mallya who will donate the items to the Indi­an government