Bring us to your community

Bring SAALT to Your Community

SAALT offers a variety of ways to share its issue-area expertise to help you in planning conference speakers, workshops and trainings, as well as help community, student, professional, cultural and religious groups learn more about our work.

Workshops, trainings, and guest speaking

Workshops and Trainings
SAALT staff can work with you to plan and facilitate trainings and workshops around a variety of topics from civil and immigrant rights to the value of social justice in the South
Asian community. SAALT has worked with student groups, membership organizations, nonprofits and educational institutions to bring expertise in areas from immigration and civil rights, leadership development, bias and discrimination policy, social justice and more.

Past workshop and trainings topics:

  • Discussions around “Raising Our Voices: South Asian Americans Address Hate”
  • “Where Are You From?”: Deconstructing Ideas in Asian American Communities and Beyond”
  • “Where Do You Fit In?”: The South Asian Social Justice Movement
  • Myths and Realities of Immigration Reform
  • Continuing Impact of 9/11 on the South Asian Community
  • Anti-racism trainings

Past SAALT trainings and workshops:

  • Young Jains Association (2008)
  • East Coast Asian American Students Union (2006-2008)
  • National Konkani Conference (2007)
  • Association of Physicians of Indian Origin convention (2006)
  • Looking for a speaker for your event, panel or forum?

If you are interested in working with SAALT for a training or workshop, please email us at

Guest Speaking
Need a keynote speaker for your annual meeting? Need issue expertise at your next panel or forum? SAALT staff have participated in and given speeches for numerous annual membership meetings, issue-based panels and community or media forums.

Past SAALT speeches and panels:

  • South Asian Awareness Network Conference keynote (2008)
  • State Department briefing on the American political system (2008)
  • “What’s at Stake for Asian Americans in this Election Year” Panel (2008)
  • South Asian Identity Week at Brown University (2007)
  • National South Asian Law Students Association Conference keynote (2006)

If you are interested in inviting SAALT to speak at your event, panel or forum, please email us at

Sharing and Collaboration
Want to share SAALT’s work with your student group, professional organization, cultural or religious association?

SAALT is always excited to share our mission of strengthening South Asian communities with community members and groups. If you are interested in discussing SAALT and its work at a future meeting of your student group, professional organization, cultural or religious association, please contact us at