Beau­ti­ful poem writ­ten by Maya, a bud­ding SAALT mem­ber from Mary­land.


Togeth­er, we’re one,
Togeth­er, we belong;

But apart,
Dis­crim­i­nat­ed and racist,
Proud and vain;

We lose who we are,
We lose the soul with­in;

We destroy the foun­da­tion,
Set by a larg­er force;

We con­tra­dict the nat­ur­al rhythm,
The heart­beat of mil­lions;

Beneath, above, sur­round­ing us,
Help­ing us,
Lead­ing us back to the true way we were meant to be;

But still we ignore,
Set in our ways;

If only we could fix our­selves,
Then the world would be right;

But then,
We can­not.

Can we?