Make sure your vote counts on November 4th!

This is a real­ly great video that out­lines how impor­tant it is to make sure that your vote counts on Elec­tion Day. There may not be enough vot­ing machines, your name might not be in the vot­er rolls, you may get asked for ID you don’t have to vote. So its very impor­tant that you know what your rights are, it can be the dif­fer­ence between hav­ing your say on Elec­tion Day or not.

More­over, by know­ing what vot­ers have a right to expect, you can make sure that those around you, vot­ing at your polling place, vot­ers from your com­mu­ni­ty and more! Vot­ers can con­front a num­ber of prob­lems at the polls, from poll work­ers who are not knowl­edge­able about the rules to dif­fi­cul­ties with lan­guage and Eng­lish bal­lots to unfair treat­ment based on race or eth­nic­i­ty. Remem­ber:

-Check your state’s vot­er ID laws to make sure that you have the prop­er iden­ti­fi­ca­tion to vote
‑If you or any­one you know needs help inter­pret­ing the bal­lot, it is your legal right to bring an inter­preter into the booth with you
‑If your name is miss­ing from the rolls, you have a right to vote using a pro­vi­sion­al bal­lot
     Want to learn more about your rights on Elec­tion Day, check out this SAALT resource

If you encounter or wit­ness any bar­ri­ers to the right to vote, call 1–866-OUR-VOTE.