Our Impact. Your Voice.


Dear Friend,

In a year defined by hate, where our communities have suffered historic levels of violence and xenophobic political rhetoric nationwide, SAALT worked even harder to ensure our communities’ voices were heard louder and farther than ever before.

With your help, we’ve made significant strides.

In 2016, we tracked over 220 incidents of hate violence and xenophobic rhetoric against our communities. In the coming weeks we will release a report to policymakers, law enforcement, and the new administration to make sure they fully understand the extent to which our communities are under attack.  We will demand that the government use its full power to ensure our communities are protected, not targeted or ignored.

In 2016 we terminated a 7-year relationship with Southwest Airlines due to repeated incidents of racial profiling against our communities on their flights. Doing so meant returning $10,000 in sponsorship that supported many of our vital programs. At SAALT, we advance ideals of justice and equality, and live by them fiercely and faithfully.

One such program is the Young Leaders Institute (YLI), which brings together 13 young adults to learn leadership skills, connect with activists, and develop practical tools and action plans to protect immigrant rights on and off campus.  For 4 years SAALT has trained 72 young adults to take on the challenges of the future, and with your support we can continue training tomorrow’s leaders today.

Through our We Build Community program, we provided $45,000 to four grassroots South Asian American groups to support and increase their capacity to fight for racial justice and immigrant rights across the country.

We continue to coordinate and expand the National Coalition of South Asian Organizations (NCSO), a group of 54 community partners that foster a broader movement for racial, gender, and immigrant justice.  The NCSO is the largest network of South Asian American organizations in the country, and is a crucial voice as we confront the ongoing challenges facing our communities.

These examples reflect our increasing commitment to South Asian American justice. We need your support so we can continue defending and demanding rights for our communities nationwide.

Please donate today to sustain and expand our work on this long road ahead.  While the future may be uncertain, what you can be sure of is SAALT’s commitment to our communities, our partners, and our mission.

Please stand with us today and donate as generously as you can.

With resolve and gratitude,

Suman Raghunathan,
Executive Director, SAALT