Resources for Combatting Anti-Black Racism

- “Their Min­neapo­lis Restau­rant Burned, But They Back The Protests” — Amelia Nieren­berg, New York Times
- “Yes, We Mean Lit­er­al­ly Abol­ish the Police” — Mari­ame Kaba
- “20+ Ally­ship Actions for Asians to Show Up for the Black Com­mu­ni­ty Right Now” — Michelle Kim
- “Don’t Call the Police, Call Your Neigh­bors!” — Glo­ria Oladipo, Coun­ter­Punch
- “This is how we can tack­le anti-Black­ness in the South Asian com­mu­ni­ty” — Tah­mi­na Begum, i‑D VICE
- “White Suprema­cy Cul­ture” — Tema Okun
- “Black­ness is the Ful­crum” — Scot Nak­a­gawa
- “Ally or Co-Con­spir­a­tor?” — Move to End Vio­lence
- “South Asians Have Been Com­plic­it in anti-Black­ness for Way Too Long” — Apoor­va Vergh­ese The Tulane Hullabaloo

- 13th — Ava DuVer­nay, Netflix

Quick Visual Guides:
- “anti-Black­ness in non Black POC looks like…” — @ogorchukwuu, Insta­gram
- “From Pow­er Hoard­ing to Pow­er Shar­ing” — @ogorchukwuu, Insta­gram
- “Talk­ing to Asian Par­ents About Insti­tu­tion­al & Inter­nal­ized Anti-Black­ness: A Guide”@asianamericansforblm, Insta­gram
- “Anti-Black­ness in the South Asian Com­mu­ni­ty & What You Can Do About It”@southasiansmh, Insta­gram

Gatherings & Their Recordings:
- Black Nation­al Con­ven­tion — The Move­ment for Black Lives
- South Asians in Defense of Black Lives — Equal­i­ty Labs

Resource Hubs:
- The Move­ment for Black Lives (M4BL)
- South Asians’ African Dias­po­ra (SIDI Project)
- The Secret His­to­ry of South Asian & African Amer­i­can Solidarity