Daily Buzz 3.11.09

1. Bollywood hits college campuses

2. Bobby Jindal: Taking Us Backwards– A South Asian woman says “No thanks”

3. To go with the great Op-Ed in the Baltimore Sun, another piece about how detention and deportation hurts immigrant children

4. Dhaka resident describes the BDR mutiny

5. Gambling and the Asian American community

Daily Buzz 2.23.2009

1.) Students discuss the lack of… something in Asian-American Families

2.)  South Asian Man Stopped 21 times by NYPD sues

3.)  Indian-Trained American Surgeon Facing Manslaughter Charges

4.) Eye on 2012, Jindal rejects Obama dole

5.) On the road to sexual equality– A Queer South Asian Man Shares His Experience in Boston

Bobby Jindal Responding to President Obama’s Address to the Nation

Ennis over at Sepia Mutiny reflects on the RNC pick of Gov. Bobby Jindal to deliver the party response to President Obama’s Address to the Nation on February 24th. With an African American chair and a South Asian star on the rise, will minority leadership become the watchword at the Grand Old Party? Check out Ennis’s entire post here <http://www.sepiamutiny.com/sepia/archives/005629.html>

Daily Buzz 2.12.2009

1.) Gov. Bobby Jindal to give GOP Response to Obama’s State of the Union.

2.) Colorado Kills e-verify Bill to Require Worker Status.

3.) Eboo Patel Discusses his Appointment to Obama’s Faith Council.

4.) There is a “Record number of Women in Congress”, but they are still underrepresented.

5.) Sri Ram Sena Abandons Valentines Day Protests in Karnataka