Daily Buzz 3.11.09

1. Bol­ly­wood hits col­lege campuses

2. Bob­by Jin­dal: Tak­ing Us Back­wards- A South Asian woman says “No thanks”

3. To go with the great Op-Ed in the Bal­ti­more Sun, anoth­er piece about how deten­tion and depor­ta­tion hurts immi­grant children

4. Dha­ka res­i­dent describes the BDR mutiny

5. Gam­bling and the Asian Amer­i­can community

Daily Buzz 2.23.2009

1.) Stu­dents dis­cuss the lack of… some­thing in Asian-Amer­i­can Families

2.)  South Asian Man Stopped 21 times by NYPD sues

3.)  Indi­an-Trained Amer­i­can Sur­geon Fac­ing Manslaugh­ter Charges

4.) Eye on 2012, Jin­dal rejects Oba­ma dole

5.) On the road to sex­u­al equal­i­ty- A Queer South Asian Man Shares His Expe­ri­ence in Boston

Bobby Jindal Responding to President Obama’s Address to the Nation

Ennis over at Sepia Mutiny reflects on the RNC pick of Gov. Bob­by Jin­dal to deliv­er the par­ty response to Pres­i­dent Oba­ma’s Address to the Nation on Feb­ru­ary 24th. With an African Amer­i­can chair and a South Asian star on the rise, will minor­i­ty lead­er­ship become the watch­word at the Grand Old Par­ty? Check out Ennis’s entire post here <http://www.sepiamutiny.com/sepia/archives/005629.html>

Daily Buzz 2.12.2009

1.) Gov. Bob­by Jin­dal to give GOP Response to Oba­ma’s State of the Union.

2.) Col­orado Kills e‑verify Bill to Require Work­er Status.

3.) Eboo Patel Dis­cuss­es his Appoint­ment to Oba­ma’s Faith Coun­cil.

4.) There is a “Record num­ber of Women in Con­gress”, but they are still under­rep­re­sent­ed.

5.) Sri Ram Sena Aban­dons Valen­tines Day Protests in Karnataka