Elections ’08: Roadmap to the White House, now translated!

One of the things we here at SAALT are always trying to do is make sure that, as much as possible, the information and resources we put out is as accessible to as many people as possible. SAALT’s Building Community Strength, outlines that limited English proficiency rates are between 20% to 50% in South Asian communities, with rates increasing as income levels decrease (Wondering what “limited English proficiency” means? It refers to the ability to read, speak, and write English less than “very well.”)

With that in mind, SAALT strives to translate some of our most relevant materials into South Asian languges so that limited English proficient individuals can take advantage of our resources. One example is What You Need to Know to Become a US Citizen (translated into Bangla, Hindi and Gujarati). We are also pleased to announce the translation of one of our new Elections ’08 documents, Roadmap to the White House, into Bangla, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu). It’s a great resource to use by anyone to learn about the processes of the election cycle. Organizations and individuals are welcome to use it for outreach and education within the South Asian community. Please feel free to download these documents and distribute them.

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