Elections ’08: Roadmap to the White House, now translated!

One of the things we here at SAALT are always try­ing to do is make sure that, as much as pos­si­ble, the infor­ma­tion and resources we put out is as acces­si­ble to as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble. SAALT’s Build­ing Com­mu­ni­ty Strength, out­lines that lim­it­ed Eng­lish pro­fi­cien­cy rates are between 20% to 50% in South Asian com­mu­ni­ties, with rates increas­ing as income lev­els decrease (Won­der­ing what “lim­it­ed Eng­lish pro­fi­cien­cy” means? It refers to the abil­i­ty to read, speak, and write Eng­lish less than “very well.”)

With that in mind, SAALT strives to trans­late some of our most rel­e­vant mate­ri­als into South Asian lan­guges so that lim­it­ed Eng­lish pro­fi­cient indi­vid­u­als can take advan­tage of our resources. One exam­ple is What You Need to Know to Become a US Cit­i­zen (trans­lat­ed into Bangla, Hin­di and Gujarati). We are also pleased to announce the trans­la­tion of one of our new Elec­tions ’08 doc­u­ments, Roadmap to the White House, into Bangla, Hin­di, Pun­jabi, Tamil and Urdu). It’s a great resource to use by any­one to learn about the process­es of the elec­tion cycle. Orga­ni­za­tions and indi­vid­u­als are wel­come to use it for out­reach and edu­ca­tion with­in the South Asian com­mu­ni­ty. Please feel free to down­load these doc­u­ments and dis­trib­ute them.

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