May Day! Support Immigrant Rights at a Rally Near You!

Today, May 1st, also known as May Day, is a cel­e­bra­tion of the strug­gles of work­ers around the world. May Day is cel­e­brat­ed all around the world, and today, across the Unit­ed States, folks are encour­aged to take to the streets in ral­lies that acknowl­edge the strug­gles of immi­grant work­ers.  The ral­lies will also sound a cry for the impor­tance of immi­gra­tion reform – a series of leg­isla­tive and admin­is­tra­tive changes that can fix the bro­ken immi­gra­tion sys­tem.  For work­ers of all immi­gra­tion sta­tus­es, the need for immi­gra­tion reform is crit­i­cal.  H‑1B work­ers have no job porta­bil­i­ty and often wait years in order to receive green cards.  Guest­work­ers who are here on tem­po­rary, H‑2B visas have very lit­tle work­er pro­tec­tions and find them­selves in vul­ner­a­ble sit­u­a­tions that can be exploit­ed by unscrupu­lous employ­ers.  Watch this video clip from the Amer­i­can News Project to learn more about the Indi­an guest­work­ers in the Gulf Coast who spent two years high­light­ing the exploita­tion they endured.

Then, head out to one of the immi­gra­tion ral­lies this after­noon in your city –vis­it for infor­ma­tion on May Day march­es and rallies.