Getting in Touch with the Netroots (pt.6)

Hey y’all, after a great session with Valerie Jarrett (you can check out all the action at Netroots here), I’m at “Articulating a Theory of Change.” In this session (with New Organizing Institute and Progressive Change Campaign Committee), we’ve been talking about how articulating a theory of change plays a role in online organizing. Most people’s exposure to online organizing is getting emails that say, “do this now.” Well, how does articulating a theory of change that is compelling and accessible help make that ask more effective? Something I am always fascinated by, especially in the context of the work that SAALT does, is to find unifying theories-of-change that go beyond “do this to let so-and-so know that people care about whatever issue” to really show how doing these actions come together to create a better society and world. Because the ask changes, but the theory of change, in a macro sense, should stay the same. We come together around certain values and online organizing is all about bringing people together to take actions towards a world that is closer to those values.

Economic townhall with Corzine next, then the immigration reform session, more to come!