Daily Buzz 7.21.2009

1.) Pakistani American Elders Urged To Prepare For Recession Challenges

2.) Secretary of State Clinton Urges Stronger U.S.-India Ties

3.) Op-Ed: Arab Americans and the Upcoming Census

4.) Thinking About Domestic Abuse: Chris Brown Apologizes, But Wont Say For What…

5.) Mindy Kaling of The Office: “Living Alone Is Hard”

Daily Buzz 2.18.2009

1.) Pakistani-Americans in Chicago talk about Obama

2.) Muslim & S. Asian Women’s Groups Condemn Beheading of Aasiya Hassan

3.) Opinions: Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?

4.) Professor Sudhir Venkatesh asks “What Should We Do?” to the South Asian Philanthropy Project: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

5.) Taliban threats reach Pakistani Americans