Past Cohort

WBC 2012SAALT first launched We Build Com­mu­ni­ty in 2012 and select­ed six (6) orga­ni­za­tions to be a part of this capac­i­ty-build­ing and skills-build­ing pro­gram. We Build Com­mu­ni­ty 2012 focused on sup­port­ing NCSO mem­bers who engage in or seek to engage in racial jus­tice, and/or nation­al secu­ri­ty and immi­grant rights through pol­i­cy reform, local com­mu­ni­ty mobi­liza­tion, media advo­ca­cy, and doc­u­men­ta­tion. These six (6) NCSO mem­bers were pro­vid­ed sub-grants of $15,000 each and train­ings in order to strength­en their abil­i­ty to engage more deeply in pro­grams, part­ner­ships, orga­niz­ing, advo­ca­cy, and mobi­liza­tion relat­ed to racial jus­tice; immi­gra­tion; and/or nation­al secu­ri­ty issues.

In total, SAALT has pro­vid­ed almost $300,000 grants to local South Asian cen­tered non-prof­its across the U.S. Meet our WBC recip­i­ents!

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