Two years too long: Repeal the Muslim Ban

Jan­u­ary 27, 2019

Two years ago today, the Trump Admin­is­tra­tion announced its Mus­lim and refugee ban. From the ban to the mil­i­ta­riza­tion of the bor­der to restric­tions on asy­lum seek­ers, the Trump Administration’s racist poli­cies are tear­ing fam­i­lies apart. These racist poli­cies are enact­ed in an envi­ron­ment where xeno­pho­bic polit­i­cal rhetoric is all too fre­quent.

In SAALT’s 2018 report Com­mu­ni­ties on Fire, we found that one in five per­pe­tra­tors of hate vio­lence inci­dents ref­er­enced Pres­i­dent Trump, a Trump pol­i­cy, or a Trump cam­paign slo­gan. This data demon­strates a strong link between this admin­is­tra­tion’s anti-Mus­lim, anti-immi­grant rhetoric and hate vio­lence. We have doc­u­ment­ed over 300 inci­dents of hate vio­lence to date since Novem­ber 2016 aimed at South Asian, Mus­lim, Sikh, Hin­du, Mid­dle East­ern, and Arab Amer­i­cans.

As we wel­come a new Con­gress and as the gov­ern­ment reopens, it is imper­a­tive that elect­ed offi­cials exer­cise their lead­er­ship to ter­mi­nate the Mus­lim Ban and ensure it is nev­er repli­cat­ed. SAALT sup­ports leg­isla­tive solu­tions that will at the very least block fund­ing to imple­ment the Mus­lim Ban, but ide­al­ly lim­it exec­u­tive author­i­ty to insti­tute dis­crim­i­na­to­ry bans in the future.

Two years of a Mus­lim Ban is two years too many.  This anniver­sary must be a call to action to Con­gress to use their pow­er to end this exam­ple of state-spon­sored dis­crim­i­na­tion and keep our com­mu­ni­ties and nation whole.

CONTACT: Sophia Qureshi,