Rapid Response Network

With the prospect of more raids across the U.S., SAALT and the Justice for Muslims Collective have joined together to form the South Asian Rapid Response Network (SARR). Through this network, you can:

  1. Sign up to be an interpreter or to translate written materials
  2. Provide any type of legal counsel
  3. Distribute Know Your Rights resources via your social media accounts and in your communities [ KYR  Punjabi| Hindi| Urdu| Bangla ]

Sign up here to join this rapid response network

If you have been looking to understand how to support in this fight, this network will provide not only opportunities across the U.S. You can join almost 800 individuals pledging to support today!



What are the values of this space?

The South Asian Rapid Response Network (SARR) is committed to the end of detention, surveillance, and prejudice against detainees, migrants, and immigrants. We call for the immediate closure of all detention facilities and institutions upholding them. SARR works to uphold the experience, leadership, and voices of directly impacted people, especially those of marginalized caste, gender, faith, and sexuality groups.

What is the SARR listserve for?

This listserve is only for the use of sharing resources related to supporting detainees, immigrants, and migrants of South Asian descent in the U.S. Resources include information about upcoming trainings for those impacted by anti-immigrant policies and concerned community members, pamphlets/brochures/etc., sharing information about campaigns or upcoming events. If you are wondering whether or not to post something or if a topic is relevant, contact a moderator.

Who shares information in this network?

All members are able to start topics or share information. The moderators reserve the right to delete topics they decide are not relevant to this forum or are a security concern.

Do not share information about raids that are not verified. Please follow this guide for sharing information about raids in this listserve and social media.

Do not share “Alien Numbers”, “Green Card Number,” or any other identifiable information of a detainee, immigrant, or migrant over this listserve. It is a matter of safety and security of the individual. That information should only be shared with legal representatives of the individuals.

What communication behavior is expected in this network?

No casteist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or any other disrespectful language or behavior will be tolerated. Do not use abelist language, including criticizing people for not being able to spell, saying something is “crazy” or “insane”, calling people “stupid” or “idiot.” Do not demand, expect. or make assumptions about member’s capacity to provide information or education on specific issues or event

If you are concerned about the behavior of a member, please contact a moderator.

Who should I invite to join SARR?

Do not invite people without letting them know what they are being invited to. Invite South Asians in the U.S. who will respect the community guidelines.

How do I invite someone to join SARR?

Have them complete this form: https://forms.gle/7W3xonD8CgnM31XR8


Contact the Moderators

Sophia Qureshi (Director of Communications, SAALT) – sophia@saalt.org

Lakshmi Sridaran (Interim Co-Executive Director, SAALT) – lakshmi@saalt.org

Darakshan Raja (Executive Director, JMC) – darakshan@justiceformuslims.org