Young Leaders Institute

Cultivate skills. Connect with community. Create change.

SAALT 2018-19 Young Leaders Institute

“YLI is a place where I found community amongst like-minded South Asians Americans who are passionate about justice.” –Jasveen, The New School, 2016 YLI Fellow

“I felt empowered to create change.  New ideas were forming in my mind on how to involve my campus in the revolution.” –Priya, University of Florida, 2015 YLI Fellow

SAALT’s Young Leaders Institute (YLI) is an opportunity for students and young adults age 18-22 in the U.S. to build leadership skills, connect with activists and mentors, and explore social change strategies around issues that affect South Asian and immigrant communities in the U.S. The Institute is designed to cultivate skills to deepen knowledge and awareness, strengthen and nurture relationships with diverse communities, and empower young leaders to be agents of change.

The YLI program will take a hiatus for the 2019-2020 academic cycle. Please return in 2020 for more information. 

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