Meet the NCSO

The National Coalition of South Asian Organizations is a network of community-based organizations that believe in common principles related to social change, and that provide services to, work with, convene, organize and advocate for South Asians in the United States. SAALT currently coordinates the National Coalition.


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New York

  • Adhikaar for Human Rights & Social Justice
    Adhikaar, meaning rights in Nepali, is a New York-based nonprofit organization working with Nepali-speaking community to promote human rights and social justice for all.

  • Andolan Organizing South Asian Workers
    Andolan organizes low-income, South Asian workers to fight against injustices faced because of abusive employers. Andolan envisions a world in which all workers are treated with respect and dignity.
    CAAAV’s mission is to build grassroots community power across diverse poor and working class Asian immigrant and refugee communities in New York city. CAAAV currently works with a pan Asian membership base living in public housing administered by the New York City Housing Authority in NYC. One of the largest public housing developments they work with engage around 200 Bangladeshi families.

  • Chhaya CDC
    Based in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, Chhaya Community Development Corporation (Chhaya)—meaning “shelter or shade” is dedicated to creating stable and sustainable communities by increasing civic participation and addressing the housing and community development needs of New Yorkers of South Asian origin and their neighbors.

  • Coney Island Avenue Project
    The mission of Coney Island Avenue Project is to combat racism and promote the empowerment of working class South Asians through legislative policy change, legal advocacy and community-based education.

  • Council of Peoples Organization
    The Council of Peoples Organization’s (COPO) mission is to assist low income immigrant families, particularly South Asians and Muslims, to reach their full potential as residents of New York City. COPO empowers marginalized communities to advocate for their rights and understand their responsibilities as Americans.

  • Desi Rainbow Parents/API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC
    PFLAG NYC works to create a better future for LGBT youth and adults through a partnership of parents, allies, and LGBT people. PFLAG NYC promotes health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through: support, to cope with an adverse society; education, to enlighten an ill-informed public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights. They focus on LGBTQ youth support in families and in schools. In the family, we look to help all families be loving and supportive of LGBTQ children and to keep families close and together. In school, we fight bullying and harassment and aim to help every school create a climate that is accepting and supportive of LGBTQ youth.
  • Domestic Harmony Foundation

    Domestic Harmony Foundation is a community-based organization committed to promoting peace, safety, and harmony in families by providing support and guidance. DHF aims to fill the immense void in concrete services for South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim women and children who are seeking relief from domestic violence and other human rights violations.

  • DRUM – South Asian Organizing Center
    DRUM – South Asian Organizing Center is a multigenerational, membership led organization of low-wage South Asian immigrant workers and youth in New York City.

  • India Home

    The mission of India Home is to make a difference in the quality of life of vulnerable South Asian seniors in New York City in a culturally appropriate environment.

  • Indo-Caribbean Alliance
    Indo-Caribbean Alliance, Inc. seeks to unify and advance Indo-Caribbean and South Asian interests by fostering joint and collaborative actions among different peoples, organizations and businesses.
  • Jahajee Sisters

    Jahajee Sisters is a movement-building organization, led by Indo-Caribbean women, committed to achieving gender justice. We foster solidarity and empowerment through dialogue, arts, leadership development and grassroots organizing.

  • Khadijah’s Caravan
    Khadijah’s Caravan connects people, places and communities through spiritually-based activism. Our aim is to support and encourage values of compassion and justice by focusing on art, education, and entrepreneurship.

  • Saathi of Rochester
    The mission of Saathi of Rochester is to work to empower women of South Asian origin who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, dating violence or stalking, by providing numerous options, linking women with service providers and raising community education and awareness.

  • Sadhana

    Sadhana is a coalition of Hindus in the United States and around the world wanting to assert a progressive Hindu voice into the public discourse of our times. Sadhana is a mechanism and a platform for progressive Hindus to obtain relevant information, access resources, and speak up and act for progressive social values and social justice.

  • Sakhi for South Asian Women
    Sakhi for South Asian Women exists to end violence against women. We unite survivors, communities, and institutions to eradicate domestic violence as we work together to create strong and healthy communities. Sakhi uses an integrated approach that combines support and empowerment through service delivery, community engagement, advocacy, and policy initiatives.

    SALGA NYC’s mission is to enable community members to establish cultural visibility and take a stand against oppression and discrimination in all its forms. We pledge to encourage leadership development, provide multi-generational support, work towards immigration advocacy, address health issues such as HIV / AIDS, and foster political involvement in the interest of creating a more tolerant society.
  • Sapna NYC
    Sapna NYC promotes the health, social, and economic empowerment of New York City’s South Asian community through a learning-based partnership between families, health professionals and other stakeholders.

  • SEVA Immigrant Community Advocacy Project- Desis Vote!
    The mission of the organization is to build a broad based and sustainable network of community based organizers and members to address the critical needs, of the most under resourced immigrant communities in New York City—with a special focus on the South Asian and West Indian enclaves of Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, and Woodhaven, Queens.

  • Shakti Peer Group

  • South Asian Council for Social Services
    South Asian Council for Social Services mission is to plan, provide, support and advocate for a continuum of programs addressing the social service needs of the underserved South Asian and Indo-Caribbean communities of New York City.

  • South Asian Health Initiative
    The mission of the Student Alliance for Health Involvement (SAHI) is to promote health and healthy behaviors among people both in the Emory and greater Atlanta communities through health fairs, screenings, and educational projects focusing on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes.

  • South Asian Youth Action
    SAYA!’s mission is to create opportunities for South Asian youth to realize their fullest potential. We deliver culturally sensitive services and support to help make this mission a reality.

  • SPEAK Mentorship

    SPEAK programs provide support and soft and hard skills to girls who are immigrants and first- generation American citizens as they prepare to transition from high school to college, including by helping them look into colleges, courses of study, and potential college-to-career pathways. We want to help each girl make the best decision for her.

  • The Sikh Coalition
    The Sikh Coalition is a community-based organization that works towards the realization of civil and human rights for all people. In particular, we work towards a world where Sikhs may freely practice and enjoy their faith while fostering strong relations with their local community wherever they may be.

  • Turning Point
    Turning Point is a community based, non-profit organization addressing the needs of Muslim women and children through crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, advocacy, outreach, education and training. Responding to the wide gap between needs and services available to the Muslim community, Turning Point offers culturally competent services, especially in the area of domestic violence. In a safe and nurturing environment, Turning Point helps women empower themselves and transform their own lives as well as those of their families and children.

  • United Sikhs
    To transform underprivileged and minority communities and individuals into informed and vibrant members of society through civic, educational and personal development programs, by fostering active participation in social and economic activity.

New Jersey

  • Manavi
    As a direct service provider, a social change agent within the South Asian community, and a diversity trainer in the mainstream movement to end violence against women in the U.S., Manavi simultaneously addresses both the immediate needs of women facing abuse and the long-term vision of establishing peaceful communities free from gender-based violence.
  • South Asian Mental Health Awareness in Jersey
    South Asian Mental Health Awareness in Jersey (SAMHAJ)provides support, education and advocacy for South Asians affected by serious mental illness. South Asians of Asian Indian and Pakistani origin, as well as those from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives are welcome to seek support and information from SAMHAJ.


  • Sneha
    Sneha, Inc. works to empower women, particularly survivors or domestic violence. Sneha provides a forum for non-formal methods of learning to deal with issues created by the lack of traditional family support, the often-lacking proficiency, as well as the unfamiliarity with the laws and services of their adopted land.


  • South Asian Workers CenterSAWC is a non-profit organization serving mainly South Asian immigrants and workers in Greater Boston. We focus on bringing together our diverse peoples, strengthening ourselves through connection, education, organizing, and employment, fostering supportive resources, and integrating into our adoptive country.


Washington DC

  • ASHA for Women
    ASHA for Women provides the support that empowers south Asian women to become self-reliant and live in an abuse free future.
  • Counselors Helping (South) Asians/Indians
    CHAI takes a holistic approach to providing proactive, culturally competent information and referrals on mental health and wellness to the South Asian populations. We work collaboratively with communities and service organizations to end stigma and increase access to mental health services.
  • KhushDC
    KhushDC is a social, support and political group that provides a safe and supportive environment, promotes awareness and acceptance, and fosters positive cultural and sexual identity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) and additional gender or sexual minority South Asians in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
  • Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund
    SALDEF’s mission is to achieve equal access and opportunity for Sikh Americans by protecting civil rights, building dialogue, deepening understanding, promoting civic and political participation, and upholding social justice and religious freedoms for all Americans.
  • South Asian Americans Leading Together
    South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) is a national, nonpartisan, non-profit organization that elevates the voices and perspectives of South Asian individuals and organizations to build a more just and inclusive society in the United States.
  • South Asian Public Health Association
    The mission of the South Asian Public Health Association (SAPHA) is to promote the health and well-being of South Asian communities by advancing the field of South Asian public health through interactions among health professionals and shared resources, focusing on research, education, communication, and advocacy in the United States.




  • AshaKiran
    AshaKiran is committed to educate, empathize and empower persons of South Asian and other foreign-born origins while providing culturally sensitive and confidential services to people experiencing traumatic/stressful situations.


  • Raksha
    Raksha’s mission is to promote a stronger and healthier South Asian community through confidential support services, education, and advocacy.


  • Sahara of South Florida
    Sahara’s mission is to improve the quality of life for women and their families and reduce the incidence of domestic violence in South Asian communities of South Florida through public awareness, education and advocacy.

North Carolina

  • Kiran, Inc.
    Kiran is a not-for-profit organization that serves and empowers victims of domestic violence in the South Asian community in North Carolina by helping them rebuild their lives and ending their cycle of violence. Their mission is to serve victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault by providing information, crisis counseling, legal advocacy, referrals, skills development, and other culturally-sensitive support services needed to meet the unique challenges they face.
  • North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT)
    Sahara’s mission is to improve the quality of life for women and their families and reduce the incidence of domestic violence in South Asian communities of South Florida through public awareness, education and advocacy.



  • Apna Ghar
    Apna Ghar (Our Home) provides free, holistic services to women and children across immigrant communities in the Chicago area to end the cycle of domestic violence. Apna Ghar empowers women to be self-sufficient by providing a full spectrum of services from legal advocacy to emergency and transitional housing to counseling and case management.
  • Hamdard Center
    Hamdard’s mission is to promote the physical and emotional health and psychological well-being of individuals and families by offering hope, help and healing.
  • Indo-American Center
    Indo-American Center’s mission is to promote the well-being of South Asian immigrants through services that facilitate their adjustment, integration, and friendship with the wider society, nurture their sense of community, and foster appreciation for their culture and heritage.
  • South Asian American Policy and Research Institute
    SAAPRI is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established in 2001 to improve the lives of South Asian Americans in the Chicago area, by using research to formulate equitable and socially responsible public policy recommendations.
  • South Asian Progressive Action Collective
    The South Asian Progressive Action Collective (SAPAC) developed out of a common desire for a forum to take up progressive issues pertinent to South Asia and the Diaspora through direct action, creative expression, and discussion.


  • MAI Family Services
    Mai Family Services’ mission is to provide confidential and professional services and promote awareness of mental health problems, domestic violence and other issues through community education and outreach.
  • South Asian American Voices For Impact
    SAAVI’s mission is to create impact on the South Asian American community by addressing specific needs through education, advocacy, and outreach programs.



  • API Chaya
    The mission of the API Chaya is to organize communities; to educate, train, and offer technical assistance; and to provide comprehensive culturally relevant services on domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking to Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander community members, service providers, survivors, and their families.
  • Trikone
    Trikone’s mission is to provide a supportive, empowering, and affirming community for differently-oriented South Asians.




  • Alliance of South Asians Taking Action
    The Alliance of South Asians Taking Action is a San Francisco Bay Area all-volunteer group working to educate, organize, and empower the Bay Area South Asian communities to end violence, oppression, racism and exploitation within and against our diverse communities.
  • Jakara Movement
    The Jakara Movement is creating a new generation of leadership through a dual strategy based on individual development and community building. We aim to develop leadership through training, education, and service. We aim to develop connected communities through awareness, empowerment, and civic engagement.
  • Maitri
    Maitri’s mission is to help integrate clients into the mainstream of American society, so that they feel comfortable and become full participants in it, To focus efforts on supplementing and complementing existing services, not on duplicating them, and To work towards fostering self-reliance and self-confidence in its clients.
  • Narika
    Narika promotes the empowerment of South Asian women to confront and overcome the cycles of domestic violence and exploitation. We work to build a movement to end violence against women and to actively support women’s rights as human rights.
  • Satrang
    Satrang is a cultural, social, and support organization providing a safe space to empower and advocate for the rights of the South Asian LGBTIQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Intersex, Queer and Questioning) community in Southern California through education, networking, and outreach. Satrang works toward ending gender and sexuality based prejudice.
  • South Asian Network
    Founded in 1990, South Asian Network (SAN) is a community-based organization dedicated to advancing the health, empowerment and solidarity of persons of South Asian origin in Southern California.
  • SAHARA (South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency)
    SAHARA’s mission is to serve the growing South Asian community in Southern California by providing information, referrals, skills development, and other culturally-sensitive support services needed to meet the unique challenges they face, and to deal with the personal crises of South Asian survivors of domestic abuse.





    Chetna’s mission is to empower South Asian victims of domestic violence by bringing them to safety, helping them rebuild their lives, and end their cycle of violence.
  • Daya
    DAYA promotes healthy family relationships in the South-Asian community by providing services that include counseling, referrals, legal advocacy, and financial support to women and children affected by family violence and sexual assault. Daya also promotes awareness on topics relevant to the welfare of South Asian families through educational seminars, publications, and outreach events.

Cross Regional


  • DeQH
    DeQH offers free, confidential, culturally sensitive peer support, information and resources by telephone for LGBTQ South Asian individuals, families and friends around the globe. The intent is to provide a safe and supportive ear for callers to share their concerns, questions, struggles or hopes through conversations with trained South Asian Peer Support Volunteers.
  • Queer South Asian National Network (QSANN)
    QSANN’s mission is to connect, strengthen, and support queer South Asian organizations, leaders, and community members in building sustainable and inclusive communities that practice and mobilize around racial and gender justice, LGBTQIA+ liberation, and intersectional movement building within and beyond our own identities.
  • Mann Mukti 
    MannMukti translates to “mental liberation” in Hindi. Our mission is to encourage healthy, open dialogue of mental health issues in an effort to remove stigma, improve awareness and promote self-care.