Our Work

SAALT’s work touches a range of constituencies, including the organizations that are part of the National Coalition of South Asian Organizations; our individual member base; South Asians who are marginalized and disempowered; South Asian activists, students, and professionals; and those seeking to become more engaged with social change efforts in their communities.

How SAALT Creates Change

  • SAALT is the community’s voice in our nation’s Capitol: SAALT connects with elected officials, media, and government agencies to highlight issues that affect South Asians. Our work has included regular briefings and meetings with the White House, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security, as well as Advocacy Days that bring advocates and community members closer to decision-makers.
  • SAALT brings organizations together across program area and geography: The National Coalition of South Asian Organizations (NCSO) is a network of 49 community-based organizations that have similar values and principles, and that provide services to, work with, convene, organize, and advocate for South Asians in the United States. SAALT coordinates the NCSO’s activities which range from skills-building to a biannual Summit to unified statements.
  • SAALT serves as a resource and hub for information about the South Asian Community: Our reports have been utilized in various forums. They include From Macacas to Turban Toppers: The Rise of Xenophobic Rhetoric in Political Discourse; Washington Desi: South Asians in the Nation’s Capital; Building Community Strength; A Community of Contrasts.SAALT NJ Issue Briefs; A National Action Agenda: Policy Recommendations to Empower South Asian Communities; and American Backlash.
  • SAALT creates opportunities and forums for dialogues and coalitions both within and outside the South Asian community: SAALT has convened events in Washington DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York, New Jersey, and the San Francisco/Bay Area ranging from community dialogues to town hall discussions.
  • SAALT enables you to join a growing number of individuals around the country who believe in empowering the South Asian community: SAALT’s Be the Change: National Day of Service program engages over 2000 volunteers each year to provide community service around the country. In addition, SAALT members develop SAALT Circles on campuses and cities.
  • SAALT develops South Asian community leadership: SAALT convenes campus-wide, local, and national meetings and conferences to engage South Asian individuals and organizations, including a biannual national South Asian Summit that brings advocates and organizational leaders together in Washington, DC for skills-building workshops, trainings and briefings.
  • SAALT maintains an office in the DC Area with committed staff, volunteers, and interns: SAALT serves the South Asian community from our nation’s capital, which allows us to engage with policymakers and elected officials on important issues affecting the South Asian community. We also engage consultants and coordinators who work at regional levels.